Kaiya Milan is an Artist Manager, CEO and CreaTech Strategist based in London, England. She currently manage solo artist Afronaut Zu, artist collective Steam Down and its founder Ahnansé, and has worked with a great deal of other notable artists throughout her career also.

In addition to artist management, after observing the amount of women being overlooked within the business side of Music, Kaiya Milan started her own all female creative collective called The Sorority House & Co. established in 2015, which aims to connect, empower, celebrate and inform women in the creative industries and construct a shared sisterhood mentality. 


In 2020, Kaiya was appointed CEO of The Floor, a creative-tech platform and direct-to-fan subscription service designed to help content creators and artists grow their digital and physical community. The Floor believes that creators having a direct relationship with their audience is game changing. And encourages creators and their teams to cut out the algorithms, advertisers and unethical content companies by building their own subscription base, livestreams and content distribution.